Breaking business rules to succeed

4th December 2015 by KLokk Accounting. There are all types of self- help books on starting or running your own business. Just as if you are cooking a new recipe, you should follow it pretty much exactly. But there comes a time when it may be all right to throw out the book. In this blog, we … [Read more...]

When to successfully expand your business?

6th November 2015 by KLokk Accounting. Now that you have been in business for a while and become moderately successful. The challenges seem to become fewer, your business is running smoother and you are drawing a decent salary. You may be wondering if you should continue plugging along or take … [Read more...]

Should you quit your job to start your own business?

12th October 2015 by KLokk Accounting. If you feel you have a special skill and have been working in the corporate environment for a while, chances are it has crossed your mind to leave the corporate world and start a business venture on your own. Before making this decision in a hasty … [Read more...]

Stages of business growth

25th September 2015 by KLokk Accounting. Many of us have an idea for a business. Few of us follow through with that idea. But, those who do start out with a simple idea and turn it into something special will have to go through five very important stages of development. Each one of these stages … [Read more...]

Business Structures

8th September 2015 by KLokk Accounting. Which structure would be best for your business? Whether you are going to start your own business or growing an existing business, thinking of downsizing or changing your business structure for potential tax reasons, it is important to understand the … [Read more...]